Why Every Home Needs a Lutron Installer


Making Life Brighter, Safer, and More Convenient, One Switch at a Time

Many homeowners are tired of fumbling for light switches in the dark or constantly adjusting their home's shades to fit different moods and occasions. If that’s you, it's time to consider relying on the expertise of a Lutron installer for your Henderson, NY, home. Read on as we explore why Lutron installers are making waves for local households.

How a Home Automation Company Delivers the Future of Living with Savant


Experience the Convenience of Seamless Technology Solutions

Make your home something to be admired with future-focused technology that impresses even your most tech-savvy friends. For several years now, Fuzion3 has been installing intelligent home solutions that deliver increased convenience, comfort, and control to homeowners in and around Laguna Beach, CA. While these systems can be complex, a home automation company like ours is skilled in delivering high-quality solutions to our clients—such as Savant’s home control.

Continue reading to learn how we help homeowners experience the future of living with technology features available from Savant.

Embracing What Home Automation Can Do For You


Learn about Fuzion3’s Home Automation Solutions and How They Can Help Create the Home of Your Dreams

Nestled along California’s stunning coastline, Newport Beach epitomizes luxury living and sophistication. Amidst its affluent neighborhoods, a silent revolution is unfolding—the ascent of home automation. Within the confines of these residences, innovative companies are reshaping the way homeowners interact with their living spaces, ushering in a new area of convenience, comfort, and security. 

At Fuzion3, our team specializes in home automation and enhanced convenience through remote control of various home functions, including lighting, temperature, and security. This improves energy efficiency by optimizing resource usage. Our team at Fuzion3 takes pride in enhancing your California home with today’s smart home technology!

Luxury Living Redefined with Savant Home Automation

A large living area with a movie screen, lit fireplace, and motorized shades partially lowered over windows with an ocean view.

How a Savant Smart Home Elevates Everyday Living

Luxury homes incorporate the highest quality construction materials in a manner that creates a sense of space and elegance. Sheer draperies, floor-to-ceiling windows, the finest furnishings and artwork, and extensive amenities all play a role in their creation. 

Today, state-of-the-art technology is the pièce de resistance, the defining element that delivers the supreme luxury experience. For many, that translates to Savant home automation, a smart home platform for ultimate luxury living. 

Let’s discover how a Savant system enhances everyday living.




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